21st Century High School Math

Turbo-Charge your Math Teachers

Improve Your Math Education

Increase Your Revenue

Lower Your Costs

Benefits from Turbo-Charging Your Teachers will be:

  1. A significant improvement in your math education as measured by your students’ performance, in particular on the mandated standardized tests.
  2. A significant lowering of your costs by creating your students’ success by utilizing Turbo-Charged Teachers.
  3. A potential increase of revenue by lowering your dropout rate.

This Message and the accompanying video below will explain, in 1-2 hours of Your Valuable Time, how you can Turbo-Charge your Teachers and Achieve these Benefits.

Then, we invite you to contact our Program Director, Debbie Goodman,  at 812-355-3030 or via email at info@triadmathinc.com to discuss Your School’s situation.

First, let’s understand the situation:

 “FIVE Major Reasons many High Schools are

Struggling with Math Education

and . . . How to Solve Them!”

  1. Psychology of Students
  2. Lack of Self Pacing
  3. Lack of Interaction and Positive Feedback
  4. Improper Content
  5. Funding Deficiencies

This is a Systemic Problem.

It IS NOT the Teachers or Administrators FAULT!

They are “victims” too.

Our High School Math Education has been Evolving for over 100 years.

Each generation has had to “build on” the then current existing system, and not start from scratch.

So, where are we today?

  • Classroom – Group Synchronized Teaching
  • Lack of Individualized Self-Pacing
  • Students In and Out of the System for many reasons
  • Some Discouraged and/or Frustrated Students
  • Bloated Inappropriate Expensive Textbooks
  • Discipline Problems
  • Improper and often Ineffective Expensive Technologies
  • Lack of Parental Support for both Students and Teachers
  • Dropouts resulting in Loss of Revenue
  • Some Discouraged or Frustrated Teachers and Administrators

Now, let us explore a Solution to these Problems.

Good News!


  1. Improve Math Education with:

Modern Technologies –  Properly Utilized

Modern 21st Century Curriculum

Modern Pedagogy

  1. Lower Costs
  2. Increased Revenues

“OK.” you may say,  “Sounds good. We have been trying this for years now.  So, how can a school corporation now do all of this?”

There now is a modern Math Program designed and delivered by Triad Math Inc., that Turbo-Charges your Teachers, and Empowers you to achieve these objectives.

How can You improve the results of your math program and reduce your costs and increase your revenues, all at the same time?

Let us explain how Triad Math can empower you to do this by Turbo-Charging your Teachers and leading your Students to success.

Our first Goal will be to get a much higher percentage of your students to pass the ECA on their First Attempt.

Here’s how.

First, we must get the students’ psychology towards math right.

They must see it as a “game the can win, and enjoy playing.”

They must develop a belief in their ability to learn and do math.

Confidence – UP          Fear – DOWN

This is Prerequisite to their success.

How do we achieve this for each student?

Modern Pedagogy, and Proper Modern Content.


1.  Self Pacing

Deliver your math education programs utilizing modern technology via a computer, the Internet, a Learning Management System and a Turbo-Charged Teacher/Coach.

Learning Math is like climbing a ladder.  You must do it one step at a time, and not skip any rungs.  Learn each topic, in the proper sequence, utilizing a self-paced video lesson the student can control, then doing relevant exercises, and then re-watching the video until the exercises are easy to do.

Like any sport or game, the student must practice repetitively until s/he gets better and better, and more comfortable and confident.

2.  Interactivity

Take a brief Quiz after each lesson to verify the student’s success.

Then, give the student recognition of this success and progress.

Get “help” and encouragement from fellow students and the Teacher or Coach.

3.  Content

A.  Scientific Calculator Mastery

Learn to do all arithmetic calculations with a modern tool like the TI 30Xa scientific calculator.  No modern employer will pay you to do manual calculations.

This is Kinesthetic learning which is a very good way to start to build confidence and enjoyment.  It can create satisfactions and emotions similar to games.

It will create confidence and belief in the student’s ability to “learn math.”

B.  Rules of Arithmetic

The student must review, or perhaps learn for the first time, the rules of arithmetic.  This is very easy to teach with self-paced videos and copious exercises, and then a quiz to verify the acquisition of the knowledge.

C.  Basic Practical Algebra

Learn the basic algebra needed for any technical career.  This is a small fraction of the algebra typically taught today in an Algebra I class.

D.  Basic Practical Geometry

Learn the basic geometry needed for any technical career.  This is a small fraction of the geometry typically taught today in a Geometry I class.

E.  Basic Practical Trigonometry

Learn the basic trigonometry needed for any technical career.  This is a very small fraction of the trigonometry typically taught today in a Trigonometry class.

F.  Special Topics of great value in practical math

The wonderful new tool Wolfram Alpha will be introduced here.  This is a free tool available via the Internet since 2009, that has revolutionized higher math starting in Pre-calculus, then Calculus and Differential Equations and all of STEM Math.

This Practical Math Foundation course will take most students about one semester.  But, it is self-paced.  Some students will do it in less than a semester, and some will take longer, up to two semesters.

All of this is presented with appropriate video lessons, exercises, quizzes, and feedback.

The Teacher, or Coach, will now have time to help struggling students and some of the students will be able to help other students who are below them on the ladder.

The Teacher will be free to give special challenges and projects to the most advanced students.  The Teacher will be Turbo-Charged to the great pleasure of both the Teacher and the students.

When finished, the student will be prepared for a career path in many ever increasing number of technical fields in industry and the military.

The Student will know more math than 95% of U.S. adults.

Virtually ALL students will be able to complete this program within one to three semesters.

It will be very easy for any Teacher to “Coach” the students and lead special projects of interest to the Teacher and the students.

Some students will be able to help other students who are not as high up the ladder.

This is also a great learning experience for them too.

Confidence and joy will prevail.

Fear and Loathing of Math will be EXTINCT.

All of the topics covered so far will be of obvious value and relevance to virtually all students, perhaps 10% of what is covered today in the Standard Math Curriculum (SMC).

However, there are a few more topics that will still be needed in order to excel on the standardized tests like the ECA.

Now, we tell the students they will need to learn these topics to excel on the ECA, and they are not any harder than what they have just learned.  Furthermore, it might encourage some students to explore the possibilities of a wonderful STEM career path.

Then we give them the ECA extension lessons.  This includes additional topics and will take most students another semester to master them.

Now students who do not plan to go to college are done!

Students who do plan to go to college will want to excel on the SAT or ACT Math exams.  They will need some additional math topics, and also coaching in how to successfully take these tests.

So, they will need the SAT extension lessons.

This will take most students another one or two semesters.

It will also be self-paced and interactive with feedback.

Students will be told that they are learning these new topics in order to excel on these exams.

If they aspire to a career in STEM, then these topics will be relevant to them.

However, to be successful in STEM at a good university, they will need much more math.  A student can score a perfect SAT or ACT math score and still not be adequately prepared to embark on a STEM curriculum at a good university.

STEM students are now given a much deeper treatment of Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry, then Pre-calculus, Calculus and Differential Equations and more STEM math topics.

However, this will be a RADICAL departure from the current Standard Math Curriculum.

To fully understand this you will want to watch our video:

In a Nutshell, the modern tool Wolfram Alpha totally changes the way we solve higher STEM math problems, and learn the underlying concepts.

For example:  Now a student can learn Calculus in about one semester.

The Bottom Line is:

You will have provided an appropriate math education to your students at all levels.

You will have a Math Program that is vastly superior to today’s SMC program.

Everyone will be proud and happy with your new program.

The Students are, of course, the primary beneficiaries, as they should be.

The Teachers will be Turbo-Charged and find the teaching of math much more enjoyable and fulfilling as more students thrive and succeed.

It is like going from teaching by riding a bicycle to teaching by riding a motorcycle!

The Parents will be the secondary beneficiaries since their children will be much more successful in life.

The School Board will be very proud of their schools, and their Administrators and Teachers.

The Community at large will be very impressed and thankful.

Math is like a “second language” that is very valuable in the modern world and economy we all live in.

So, suppose you understand and believe all of this, what can you do?

Contact us!

Triad Math, Inc. (TMI) can offer you a program like the one just described.

To see how this might work for you, TMI will come to your school and conduct an analysis of your specific situation and deliver you a detailed plan on how you could proceed.

Your Benefits from Executing this Plan and Turbo-Charging your Teachers will be:

  1. A significant improvement in your math education as measured by your students’ performance, in particular on the mandated standardized tests.
  2. A significant lowering of your costs by creating your students’ success by utilizing Turbo-Charged Teachers.
  3. A potential increase of revenue by lowering your dropout rate.

To schedule your school’s analysis, please contact our Program Director, Debbie Goodman,  at 812-355-3030 or email info@triadmathinc.com